Historic Quinter, Kansas

Through my mother’s family, the family of Jacob H. Long, I have inherited several scrapbooks and photo albums and dozens of photos of the Quinter, Kansas area. I’ve posted here those items that may be of wider interest.


  • The Blizzards of 1912
    We’re digging out from a heavy snowstorm in Indiana this week, and I’m so thankful that I can enjoy the comforts of home and enjoy the beauty of the snow outside. But I’m reminded of a letter in my collection from my great-grandfather, Jacob H. Long, to his brother, Sam Long. Written in March ofContinue reading “The Blizzards of 1912”
  • School Christmas Play, 1914
    I was looking for a holiday story to share, and thought I’d share one from my grandfather’s childhood at Jewell Hill School, outside of Quinter, Kansas. Ten years ago, I was working on a “fictionalized” biography of my grandfather, Chester Long, for my eldest child’s birthday,. I tried to find as many details as possibleContinue reading “School Christmas Play, 1914”


Jewell Hill Students, 1907
Jewell Hill School, 1908

1908 Jewell Hill students (above), as identified in a family scrapbook, probably by Verna Long:

Front row, from left:

  • Med Nation, teacher
  • Dovie Sanders
  • Elsie Ashworth
  • Peryl Oxley
  • ? Mittan
  • Nancy Ashworth
  • Julia Ashworth
  • Effie Ashworth
  • Virginia Jarboe
  • Eva Jarboe
  • Maranda Ashworth
  • Ruth Garber
  • Wava Long
  • ? Mittan

Second row, from left:

  • Chester Long (shadowed)
  • ?
  • Ira Sanders
  • Gilbert George
  • Verna Long
  • Luella Garber
  • Ruby Jarboe
  • Mabel George
  • Letha Heckman

Back row, from left:

  • Mabel Jarboe
  • Ida Jarboe
  • John Garber
  • Ira Long
  • Roy Sanders
  • Bruce Garber
Jewell Hill School, 1911-1912
Jewell Hill School, taken March 1914, Med Nation, teacher
Jewell Hill School, ca. 1915
Jewell Hill School, 1900’s, Linda Meyers Flora (teacher)

Jewell Hill families, above, date unknown, identified in a family scrapbook, probably by Verna Long:

  1. Wava Long
  2. Chester Long
  3. Verna Long
  4. Jacob H. Long
  5. Oral Flora
  6. Earl Jarboe
  7. Mrs. J. H. (Jemima) Long
  8. John Jarboe
  9. Mrs. Ira Flora
  10. Mrs. Mary Jarboe Bishop
  11. Mrs. Henry Flora Sr.
  12. Ira Flora
  13. Mrs. Charles Ashworth
  14. Grandpa Eller
  15. John Doxon
  16. Bruce Garber
  17. Richard Garber
  18. Mrs. Elbert Flora
  19. Elbert Flora
  20. Ben Flora
  21. Olen Jarboe
  22. Howard Flora
  23. Ida Jarboe
  24. Marie Flora

Church of the Brethren

Quinter Brethren Church, 1910
50th Anniversary, Quinter Church of the Brethren, 1936

50th Anniversary Photo, identified in family scrapbook, probably by Verna Long McKnight:

  1. Orval Lahman
  2. ? Harnish
  3. Mrs. Hiddleson
  4. Will Roesch
  5. ? Harnish
  6. Mrs. Neher Ikenberry
  7. ? Yoder
  8. D.A. Crist
  9. Pete Boitnott
  10. S.S. Long
  11. Jake Blickenstaff
  12. Kent Trimmer
  13. Mrs. Annie Easton Woodard
  14. Mrs. R.H. Sampon
  15. Mrs. Henry Werts
  16. Mrs. Jake Roesch
  17. Mrs. Frank Miller
  18. Mrs. Will Roesch
  19. Mrs. Kent Trimmer
  20. Mrs. Jake Blickenstaff
  21. David Ikenberry
  22. Mrs. Daniel Bowman
  23. Mrs. Gus Anderson



George and Ida Leopold’s Wedding, 1911

George and Ida Leopold’s wedding, as labeled in a family scrapbook, probably by Verna Long:

  1. Grandpa Eller
  2. Grandma Eller
  3. Otha Long
  4. Jacob H. Long
  5. Doug Garber
  6. Mrs. Doug Garber
  7. Alta Long Dawson
  8. Verna Long McKnight
  9. Mrs. Billy Wigington
  10. Mr. Billy Wigington
  11. Josephine Eisenbise Ikenberry
  12. Ida Jarboe Leopold
  13. George Leopold
  14. Mrs. Jake Blickenstaff
  15. Ida & Geo. Leopold?
  16. Marie Flora
  17. Martha Blickenstaff
  18. Julia Mohler
  19. Virginia Jarboe
  20. Luella Garber
  21. Howard Flora
  22. Ruby Jarboe Jamison
  23. Henry Flora
  24. Sam Jarboe
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