Descendants of Nehemiah Gettleson and Hanna Rubinstein

Nehemiah Gettleson was born ca. 1827 to Hirsh and Esther Gutelsson. His wife, Hanna, was born ca. 1827, the daughter of Jossel Rubinstein. They lived in Mitau, the capital of Courland, now Jelgava, Latvia, and had six children. Both Nehemiah and Hanna appear to have died on the same day in May of 1892 in Jelgava.





I can’t possibly share all of my family photographs here. Instead, I’ve chosen a select few favorites, mainly group photos. More pictures, particularly of individuals, can be found through my Thal-Gephart Family Tree accessible through my Ancestry profile. I am always looking for more pictures. If you have any to share, please contact me.

Joseph Gettleson and family, Toledo, Ohio, ca. 1901. Photo by Jno C. Lewis, 3039 Monroe St.

Back row (L to R): Jack Gettleson, Henrietta Gettleson Thal, Edward Thal, Clara Gettleson

Front (L to R): Millie, Anna, and Joseph Gettleson, Ted Thal, Sam Gettleson

The photo at right comes from the photo album of Clara Gettleson Thal. Since it was taken in Mitau, and appears to be of two girls, the hypothesis is that it is Henrietta and Clara Gettleson, ca. 1884. But this has not been confirmed.

The silver Kiddush cup of Nehemiah Hirsh Gettleson, “N.H.G.” The silver markings are consistent with it being from 19th-century Courland, Russia. It was passed down to his great-grandson, Norman, who was apparently named after him.

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