Scrapbooks of Clara Gettleson Thal

The following is a list of the contents of two scrapbooks compiled by my great-grandmother, Clara Gettleson Thal. The books are filled with newspaper clippings, mostly from Toledo, Ohio newspapers between 1903 and 1954. Most of the clippings are not dated. At least half of the pages are filled with small clippings of newspaper photos of friends and family, most of which include the newspaper caption. A significant portion of the Jewish community of Toledo is included in these books. The books have been scanned into pdf files and can be downloaded below.



Abendana, Kenneth28
Abendana, Kenneth V., Mr. and Mrs. 26
Abendana, Kenneth, Mrs.28
Ackerman, Milton252
Aftel, Dorothy 149
Aftel, Dorothy 132
Aftel, Dorothy 110
Aftel, Hilda, Mrs.162
Aftel, Jacob F.110
Aftel, Sidney110
Alexander, David, Rabbi14
Alexander, David, Rabbi224
Alexander, Lester   2100
Alexander, Lester   230
Alexander, Lester D. 150
Alexander, Lester D.  128
Alexander, Lester D.  262
Alexander, Lester, Mr. and Mrs.273
Alexander, Lester, Mrs.297
Alexander, Paul, Mrs.120
Antin, Esther  175
Antin, Esther  124
Arbogast, ?Scott basketball team130
Ardner, Madeline184
Arenson, Edward 1front cover
Arenson, Edward 136
Arenson, Edward B.Temple Board Members195
Arenson, Edward, Ensign and Mrs. 291
Arenson, Isabel165
Arenson, Isabel215
Aronoff, Lawrence265
Aurbach, Goodwin Bertram, Mrs.211
Austin, James S., Judge169
Babcock, Dudley Sammis275
Babcock, George S., Mrs.249
Babcock, George Sammis, Mrs.275
Baer, ?126
Baer, Betty246
Baer, King15
Baer, Mason, Mrs.298
Bailey, ?Scott basketball team130
Bame, Abe293
Bang, Charles, Mrs.288
Bannister, Bill152
Basch, Betty182
Basch, Betty 265
Basch, Betty 255
Basch, Bob 258
Basch, Bob 229
Basch, Dick140
Basch, Dick 258
Basch, Dick 255
Basch, Gene172
Basch, Lew 258
Basch, Lew 229
Basch, Louis219
Basch, Louis, Mrs.266
Basch, Nan Becomes Bride of Easterner231
Basch, Nan 159
Basch, Nan 148
Basch, Nan 146
Basch, Nan 133
Basch, Nan 19
Basch, Nan 223
Basch, RichardProspecting for Gold2back cover
Basch, S.L.125
Basch, S.L., Mr. and Mrs.157
Basch, S.L., Mr. and Mrs.255
Basch, S.L., Mrs.137
Basch, Sylvain L.  259
Basch, Sylvain L.  231
Basch, Sylvain L.  229
Basch, Sylvain L., Mr. and Mrs.19
Basch, Sylvain L., Mr. and Mrs.15
Basch, Sylvain L., Mr. and Mrs.230
Basch, Sylvan L.19
Basch, Sylvan, Mrs.Second Vice President19
Bauman, Gene B.151
Beck, Miriam, Mrs.261
Becker, Nathan M.241
Becker, Nathan M., Mrs.251
Behr, Maxine 265
Behr, Maxine 215
Bellman, B., Mr.247
Bellman, Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs.163
Bellman, Nathan, Mr. and Mrs.163
Bellman, Sam145
Bellman, Sam257
Bellman, Sam, Mr. and Mrs.163
Benedict, B., Dr.295
Benowitz, Julius, Mrs.131
Benway, J.254
Benway, Julius 220
Benway, Julius, Mrs.289
Berenson, Mervin F., Mrs.296
Berlin, Doc140
Berman, Billy228
Berman, Lou23
Berman, Sheldon1front cover
Berman, Sheldon228
Berman, Stanley, Mrs.150
Berman, William252
Bershon, Albert, Mrs.172
Bershon, Albert, Mrs.263
Billstein, A.H.128
Billstein, Alfred H. 293
Billstein, Alfred H. 288
Billstein, Alfred H. 256
Billstein, Alfred H. 216
Billstein, Alfred, Mrs.149
Billstein, Jane 265
Billstein, Jane 216
Binder, Morris 129
Binder, Morris 125
Binzer, Royal B.  258
Binzer, Royal B., Mrs.285
Bitter, Elaine127
Bitter, Elaine297
Black, Jane159
Black, Jane 275
Black, Jane 257
Blankenstein, Morris, Mrs.118
Blankenstein, Tina, Mrs.234
Blitz, Sidney1front cover
Blitzer, Phil1front cover
Bloch, Henry R., Mrs.177
Bloch, Henry R., Mrs.156
Bloch, Henry R., Mrs.145
Bloch, Henry R., Mrs.264
Bloch, Henry, Mrs.164
Bloch, Henry, Mrs.257
Block, Eileen Priscilla276
Blumberg, Dave, Mrs.268
Blumenthal, A.A.219
Blumenthal, Luther256
Botsch, Bernard, Dr.282
Braverman, Libbie, Mrs.261
Bricker, John W., Gov.277
Brody, Maida179
Brody, Maida Phyllis279
Brower, Ben, Mrs.146
Brucker, E.F., Mrs.139
Brucker, Edward F., Mrs.296
Buchsbaum, Jerome1front cover
Buderus, ?Scott basketball team130
Burke, Jack233
Calisch, Jeanne Carolyn279
Calisch, Merril Jr., Mrs.279
Calisch, Merril, Mrs.213
Calisch, Ruth130
Calisch, Sol H.  124
Calisch, Sol H.  122
Cannon, L.A., Mrs.260
Carson, ?Scott basketball team130
Carvalho, Leslie R.N.153
Carvalho, Paul D.274
Chapman, Paul232
Chapman, Paul H., Mrs.247
Chapman, Paul, Mrs.291
Chapman, Paul, Mrs.263
Chapman, Sara289
Charnas, Nat 251
Charnas, Nat B.254
Cherry, Thelma268
Cholett, B. G., Dr.131
Ciralsky, Ira, Mrs.280
Cohen, M.S., Mrs.228
Cohn, Aaron B.  167
Cohn, Aaron B.  122
Cohn, Aaron B.  14
Cohn, Aaron B.  299
Cohn, Aaron B.  248
Cohn, Aaron B.  234
Cohn, Aaron B.  226
Cohn, Alice17
Cohn, Alice Gertrude24
Cohn, Elaine265
Cohn, Frances Jane211
Cohn, I.R., Dr.299
Cohn, I.R., Dr.279
Cohn, Jane131
Cohn, Jean255
Cohn, Melvin1front cover
Cole, Walton E., Rev.117
Cole, Walton E., Rev.273
Cole, Walton E., Rev.267
Copelan, Allie16
Cowen, Jerry265
Cronstine, Dr.111
Cronstine, Regina, Mrs.172
Davidson, Peggy128
Davies, Frances  117
Davies, Frances Isabel 112
Davies, Herbert113
Davies, Herbert, Mr. and Mrs.269
Davies, Herbert, Mrs.113
Davies, Herbert, Mrs.266
Davies, Jane 113
Davies, Jane 112
Davis, Bernice F.172
Davis, Bernice J.  172
Davis, Edward N.293
Davis, Eleanor236
Davis, Ira18
Davis, Ira248
Davis, Ira H. 268
Davis, Ira H. 262
Davis, J.H.138
Davis, Mary Jo 276
Davis, Mary Jo 265
Davis, Maurice C.294
Davis, Maurice, Mrs.165
Davis, Maurice, Mrs.149
Davis, Maurice, Mrs.297
Davis, Max299
Davis, Roi C.18
Davis, Roi C.  145
Davis, Roi C.  268
Davis, Roi C.  218
Davis, Roi C., Mrs.18
Davis, Roi C., Mrs.245
Davis, Roi, Mrs.176
Davis, Sam 145
Davis, Sam 118
Davis, Sam 18
Davis, Sam 298
Davis, Sam 273
Davis, Sam 268
Davis, Sam 252
Davis, Sam 248
Davis, Sam 218
Davis, Sam, Mr. and Mrs.258
Davis, Stanley, Mrs.114
Davis, Stanley, Mrs.245
De Weese, Katherine139
De Weise, Marion135
Desenberg, Bertha256
Doctor, Harry, Mrs.234
Dolan, L.P., Dr.260
Douglass, Frederick, Dr. and Mrs.11
Draegin, Morris299
Ebstrup, Mogens277
Edellstein, James M.123
Edelstein, Arthur H.29
Edelstein, Arthur H., Mrs.294
Edelstein, Arthur, Mrs.299
Edelstein, Arthur, Mrs.262
Edelstein, Sol169
Edelstein, Sol2100
Edelstein, Sol255
Edelstein, Sol29
Edelstein, Sol 129
Eichelbaum, Fritz2102
Eichelbaum, Mrs. Frederick2102
Elgutter, Ruth116
Elgutter, Ruth236
Elgutter, Selma  113
Elgutter, Selma Baer 112
Ensel, Dorothy131
Ensel, Eleanor131
Ensel, Gustave131
Entine, Dorothy Mae280
Entine, Harry A.295
Eppstein, David H.161
Eppstein, David H., Mr. and Mrs.Married Fifty Years134
Eppstein, Edward1front cover
Eppstein, Edward228
Eppstein, I.A., Mrs.and children144
Eppstein, Joseph O.157
Eppstein, Joseph O.  225
Eppstein, Joseph O., Mr. and Mrs.239
Eppstein, Joseph O., Mr. and Mrs.232
Eppstein, Louis 161
Eppstein, Louis 152
Eppstein, Louis 129
Eppstein, Louis 229
Eppstein, Louis L. 181
Eppstein, Louis L. 138
Eppstein, Louis L. 285
Eppstein, Louis, Mr. and Mrs.237
Eppstein, Miriam23
Eppstein, Richard228
Eppstein, Robert1front cover
Eppstein, S.M.237
Epstein, A.M.296
Epstein, Bessie256
Epstein, Paul, Mrs.170
Epstein, Paul, Mrs.297
Evans, ?Scott basketball team130
Fahle, Ethel 182
Fahle, Ethel 121
Fahle, J. Fred121
Fahle, J.F., Mr. and Mrs.232
Fahle, Marie127
Fain, Harvey L., Mrs.27
Fain, Lenore 142
Fain, Lenore 17
Fain, Lenore Sylvia154
Fanchon, Lorraine295
Fansher, Roland William112
Farber, Eugene, Mrs.162
Farber, Eugene, Mrs.297
Farber, Eugene, Mrs.261
Farber, J. EugeneNew Officers of Bnai Brith174
Farber, J. Eugene 294
Farber, J. Eugene 256
Farber, J. Eugene 223
Farber, J. Eugene 221
Farber, J. Eugene 214
Farber, J. Eugene, Mr. and Mrs.274
Farber, J. Eugene, Mrs.137
Farber, J. Eugene, Mrs.277
Farber, J. Eugene, Mrs.214
Farber, Jane137
Farber, Jane277
Farber, Jerome, Mr. and Mrs.238
Farber, Virginia277
Feerer, J. M., Mr. and Mrs.238
Feerer, J. M., Mrs. 281
Feerer, Joseph M.  226
Feerer, Joseph M., Mrs.150
Feerer, Joseph, Mrs.294
Feerer, M.J., Mrs.280
Feinberg, A.P.217
Feinberg, Anna214
Feinberg, Art236
Feinberg, Arthur244
Feinberg, Arthur P.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Feinberg, Arthur P.  214
Feldman, Wolf218
Feldstein, Leo A., Mrs.163
Felker, ?Scott basketball team130
Feniger, Bernice Adele147
Feniger, Hermine 182
Feniger, Hermine 142
Feniger, Yalewith Boy Scout troup 371front cover
Feniger, Yale218
Feuer, I.237
Feuer, Leon I., RabbiNew Officers of Bnai Brith174
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi179
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi168
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi270
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi230
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi229
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi222
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi and Mrs.Rabbi and Family at Home173
Feuer, Leon I., Rabbi and Mrs.175
Feuer, Leon Jr.Rabbi and Family at Home173
Feuer, Leon, Rabbi237
Feuer, Leon, Rabbi234
Feuer, Leon, Rabbi221
Feuer, Leon, Rabbi and Mrs.173
Fine, Donald, Mrs.228
Fine, Etta Zimmerman, Mrs.243
Fine, Robert, Mrs.157
Fingerhoff, Betty222
Fisch, L.Exchequer126
Fisch, L.126
Fishbein, Alex J.256
Fishbein, Celia256
Fisher, Charles E., Mrs.127
Fisher, Norman, Mrs.2100
Forman, Louis299
Fram, Leon, Rabbi297
Frank, Donald 288
Frank, Donald 212
Frank, Eleanor  June Bride158
Frank, Irving Jr.219
Frank, Irving S.  123
Frank, Irving S.  14
Frank, Irving S., Mr. and Mrs.157
Frank, Lou M.136
Frank, Lou M., Brother135
Frank, Lou M., Mrs.214
Frankel, David, Mrs.286
Franklin, Leo M., Dr.174
Frazen, “Mike”267
Freiberger, Lloyd S., Mrs.212
Freiberger, Lloyd Stanton, Mrs.171
Freund, Charles J.256
Freund, Charles, Mrs.125
Freund, Charles, Mrs.114
Freund, Mary Leone125
Friberg, Harry254
Friedenthal, S., Mrs.280
Friedlander, Florence292
Friedlander, Mary163
Friedlander, Mary Jane26
Friedlander, Syd223
Friedman, Arthur271
Friedman, Charles K.123
Friedman, D. Arthur, Mrs.135
Friedman, D. Arthur, Mrs.245
Friedman, Etta, Mrs.234
Friedman, James, Mrs.287
Friedman, Joel1front cover
Friedman, Stanley M.13
Friedman, Stanley M., Mrs.2102
Friedman, Stanley, Mrs.284
Friedman, Stanley, Mrs.267
Friedman, Stanley, Mrs.253
Friedsam, Ellen R.291
Gadel, Harry287
Gallon, Elton1front cover
Gallon, Elton Buddy265
Gallon, Joe236
Gallon, Joe G.254
Gallon, Joseph237
Ganch, Lillian170
Gans, ?126
Geissman, D.L.111
Geleerd, Myer 2100
Geleerd, Myer 255
Gerson, Sam 167
Gerson, Samuel 169
Gettleson, Amelia wedding announcement193
Gettleson, Clara engagement announcement188
Gettleson, Clara shower announcement188
Gettleson, John, Mrs.290
Gillette, May263
Ginsberg, Aileen 292
Ginsberg, Aileen 265
Ginsberg, Bobby222
Ginsberg, L., Dr.124
Ginsberg, Roland1front cover
Ginsberg, Rolland255
Ginsberg, Roy265
Glick, ?126
Gluck, Frances265
Goldberg, Bronett17
Goldberg, Bronett22
Goldberg, Brownette 152
Goldberg, Brownette 150
Goldberg, Mildred D.obituary193
Goldberg, Morton, Dr.223
Goldberg, Morton, Dr. and Mrs.261
Goldberg, Morton, Mrs.262
Goldberg, Morton, Rabbi290
Goldberg, Morton, Rabbi285
Goldenberg, Alan276
Goldman, Beryl L.118
Goldman, Betty Shirley298
Goldman, Lee J., Mrs.288
Goldman, Lee J., Mrs.281
Goldman, Lee, Mrs.149
Goldman, Lee, Mrs.292
Goldman, Lee, Mrs.225
Goldman, Lee, Mrs.28
Goldman, Lois Ann222
Goldman, Martin265
Goldman, N.C.152
Goldman, N.C.27
Goldman, Shirley Ellan222
Goldmann, Mary F.292
Goldstein, Lou 236
Goldstein, Lou 210
Goldstein, Louis D.293
Goldstein, M.C.26
Goldstein, Morton238
Goldstein, Sherman210
Gomberg, E.R., Mrs.160
Gomberg, Ephriam Roos154
Goodman, A.155
Goodman, Selma114
Goodwin, GeorgeWheeling’s Newest Furniture Store227
Gottlieb, Maxine242
Gould, Harry17
Gould, Harry218
Gould, Harry M. 23
Gould, Harry M.  162
Gould, Harry M., Mrs.157
Gould, Jean138
Gould, Richard265
Gould, Robert153
Graceman, Raida222
Green, B.M., Mrs.214
Green, Benjamin M.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Green, HaroldTemple Board Members195
Green, Harold140
Green, Harold244
Green, Harold237
Green, Harold S. 176
Green, Harold S. 256
Green, Harold S. 235
Green, Harold S. 214
Green, Harold S.  New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Green, M.E., Lieut.219
Green, Mervin 26
Green, Mervin E.225
Green, S.R., Mr. and Mrs.161
Green, Sanford S. 280
Green, Sanford S., Mrs.282
Green, Sidney243
Green, Stanley R., Mrs.159
Green, Sydney, Mrs.228
Greenberg, Sydney, Mrs.Returns from Trip286
Griminger, Max144
Grodzin, Belle, Mrs.162
Grodzin, Julius, Mrs.172
Grodzin, Mariam Joyce172
Grodzin, Rhea163
Gross, Joanne258
Grossman, Betty Jane 261
Grossman, Betty Jane 248
Grossman, Betty Mae270
Grossman, Dickie222
Grossman, Pauline172
Grossman, Pauline27
Grossman, Peggy166
Grossman, Richard236
Grossman, William 236
Grossman, William 27
Grossman, William, Mrs.166
Grossman, William, Mrs.165
Grossman, William, Mrs.149
Grossman, William, Mrs.145
Grossman, William, Mrs.286
Hallem, Ethel172
Hallem, Ruth286
Hallem, Sidney, Mrs.178
Hallem, Sidney, Mrs.118
Hallen, Jimmie222
Harris, Berthold Julian22
Harris, Emanuel J., Mrs.155
Harris, MelTemple Board Members195
Harris, Melbourne, Mr. and Mrs.18
Harris, William, Mrs.149
Hathaway, Gloria Mae Wedding Day Set1front cover
Hausman, Fred147
Hausman, Isaac122
Hausman, Isaac, Mrs.253
Hausman, James147
Hausman, William147
Hebenstreit, B. P.  237
Hebenstreit, Bert 268
Hecht, Leonard, Dr.128
Helburn, Charles274
Hellman, Irma President of Sigma Pi Delta240
Hellman, Irma 263
Henig, Max299
Herzog, Joyce 260
Herzog, Joyce 248
Herzog, Stanley, Mrs.134
Heyman, Arnold237
Heyman, Sally Eileen222
Himelhoch, G.H.110
Himelhoch, G.H.213
Himelhoch, GeoffreyTemple Board Members195
Himelhoch, Geoffrey Jr.237
Himelhoch, Geoffry 290
Himelhoch, H.G.111
Himelhoch, H.G.  241
Himelhoch, H.G.  212
Himelhoch, Julius1front cover
Himelhoch, Julius 265
Himelhoch, Julius 252
Hirsch, Betty2100
Hirsch, Henry24
Hirsch, Henry, Mr. and Mrs.141
Hirsch, Henry, Mrs.270
Hirsch, J.B., Dr.144
Hirsch, John S., Mrs.258
Hirsch, Marjorie167
Hirsch, Marjorie287
Hirsch, Myrial Doris110
Hirsch, Myriel 287
Hirsch, Myriel 240
Hirsch, Peggy179
Hirsch, S.K., Mrs.149
Hirsch, Stanley K.110
Hirsch, Stanley, Mrs.281
Hirsch, Sylvia, Mrs.162
Hirshberg, Joseph wedding announcement193
Hirshberg, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.194
Hirshberg, Joseph, Mrs.hospitalization announcement194
Hirshberg, StewartOCS Graduation299
Hirshberg, Stuart O.248
Hisey, Walter H., Dr.257
Hoffman, Eileen265
Hoffman, J.E., Mrs.238
Hollander, Edward, Mrs.245
Horn, Beatrice Saumelles, Mrs.267
Horwitz, Sanford1front cover
Housman, Jules16
Housman, Jules253
Housman, Jules252
Housman, Jules219
Housman, Jules H. 249
Hurwitt, Fayette226
Igdaloff, Harold252
Igdaloff, Irving 252
Igdaloff, Irving 228
Igdaloff, L., Mrs.280
Igdaloff, Louis, Mr. and Mrs. 174
Igdaloff, Louis, Mrs.178
Igdaloff, Louis, Mrs.175
Igdaloff, Louis, Mrs.164
Igdaloff, Sanford228
Jackson, Donald C.121
Jacobs, ?Scott basketball team130
Jacobs, A.L., Mr. and Mrs.122
Jacobs, Harry, Mrs.149
Jacobs, Larry 158
Jacobs, Larry 140
Jacobs, Lawrence, Mrs.149
Jacobs, Leo, Mrs.149
Jacobs, Marjorie172
Jacobs, Maxine172
Jacobs, Nancy270
Jacobson, Ethel 136
Jacobson, Ethel 135
Jacobson, Howard H.267
Jacobson, Howard H.242
Jacobson, Julius H., Mrs.240
Jacobson, Julius H., Mrs.225
Jacobson, Julius, Mrs.166
Jaffe, Nell L. 264
Jaffe, Nell L. 218
Johnson, Cliff158
Jokel, Stephen M.Partnership Formed by Architects Here211
Kahn, Lawrence Broh261
Kahnweiler, Marion116
Kammer, Betty Ann289
Kaninsky, Ronald Lee222
Kanter, Jerome, Mrs.2101
Kaplan, D., Mrs.128
Kaplan, Doris267
Kaplan, Eliot  256
Kaplan, Eliot L.  151
Kaplan, Eliot L.  251
Kaplan, Eliot L.  237
Kaplan, Elliot 158
Kaplan, Elliot 244
Kaplan, Elliot 236
Kaplan, Elliott 221
Kaplan, Gertrude13
Kaplan, Maury 1front cover
Kaplan, Maury 228
Kaplan, Richard228
Kaplan, Sam268
Kaplan, Sam244
Kaplan, Samuel156
Kaplan, Samuel Z.169
Kaplan, Samuel Z.293
Kaplan, Samuel Z.211
Kaplan, Samuel Z.27
Kaplan, Samuel Z.  134
Kaplan, Thomas 252
Kaplan, Tommy13
Kaplin, Maury Irwin237
Kaplin, Thomas L.118
Kaplin, Thomas L., Mr. and Mrs.27
Kaplin, Thomas, Mrs.298
Kardon, Kenneth L., Mrs.290
Karp, N., Mrs.280
Kasle, Louise152
Kasle, Louise 179
Kasle, Louise 29
Kasle, Phyllis 183
Kasle, Phyllis 165
Kasle, Phyllis 142
Kasle, Sam230
Kasle, Sam, Mrs.294
Kasle, Sam, Mrs.29
Kasle, Samuel, Mr. and Mrs.174
Kasle, Samuel, Mrs.114
Kasle, Shirrel139
Kasle, Shirrel 26
Kasle, Shirrel, Mr. and Mrs.229
Kasle, Shirrel, Mrs.226
Kasle, Travis152
Kasle, Travis279
Katz, Nehemiah, Rabbi179
Katz, Nehemiah, Rabbi243
Katz, Nehemiah, Rabbi214
Kaufman, Sara285
Kehoe, Dorothy224
Keidan, Herman, Mr. and Mrs.256
Keidan, Lucille259
Kessler, Selma Ruth140
Kies, ?Scott basketball team130
King, Jack R.Wedding Day Set1front cover
Klein, Alexander W., Mrs.299
Klein, Alexander, Mrs.263
Klein, Margaret159
Klein, Meyer, Mr. and Mrs.238
Klein, William122
Klivans, Bernard M.110
Klivans, Bernard M., Lieut.219
Kobacker, Alice  155
Kobacker, Alice Louise154
Kobacker, Gertrude27
Kobacker, J. L., Dr.166
Kobacker, J. Lester 282
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.176
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.167
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.255
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.239
Kobacker, J. Lester, Dr.214
Kobacker, J.M., Mrs.260
Kobacker, Jerome293
Kobacker, Jerome273
Kobacker, Jerome256
Kobacker, Jerome226
Kobacker, Jerome216
Kobacker, Jerome, Dr.244
Kobacker, Jerome, Mr. and Mrs.168
Kobacker, Jerome, Mrs.253
Kobacker, Marvin 275
Kobacker, Marvin 219
Kobacker, Marvin S., A.B.144
Kobacker, Morris 283
Kobacker, Morris 281
Kobacker, Morris 256
Kobacker, Morris 254
Kobacker, Morris 244
Kobacker, Morris 218
Kobacker, Morris, Mr. and Mrs.239
Kobacker, Morris, Mrs.176
Koch, Alfred B.  160
Koch, Alfred B.  16
Kohn, Walter, Mrs.228
Komarek, E.J.273
Kornfeld, J.S., Rabbi291
Kornfeld, Joseph S., Dr.156
Kornfeld, Joseph S., Rabbi124
Kornfeld, Joseph S., Rabbi14
Kornfeld, Rose Mae129
Kusworm, Sidney C.175
Kusworm, Sidney G.215
Laderman, Louis, Mr. and Mrs.238
Langer, Jack299
Lawner, ?126
Lebovitz, Pauline217
Leininger, O.O., Dr.266
Leitner, Max, Mrs.266
Lempert, Bernie155
Lempert, Eugene M.Grand Marshall178
Lempert, Gene155
Lempert, M. H.122
Lempert, Morris H. 161
Lempert, Morris H. 155
Lempert, Morris H., Mr. and Mrs.148
Lerner, Herman210
Lerner, M.O.210
Lerner, Mandel210
Lesser, Charles210
Lesser, Eugene210
Lesser, W.A.210
Levey, Joan281
Levey, Norman J.16
Levey, Rube122
Levinson, Alice Rosewedding invitation196
Levinson, Charles272
Levis, William, Mrs.294
Levison, Dorothy13
Levison, Dorothy E.2102
Levison, Frances159
Levison, Frances 251
Levison, Frances 211
Levison, H.144
Levison, Harry 2102
Levison, Harry 256
Levison, Harry 232
Levison, Harry 230
Levison, L.A., Dr.210
Levison, Maxine13
Levison, Stanley 283
Levison, Stanley 219
Levison, Stanley Kenneth, Mrs.283
Levison, Stanley, Mrs.293
Levitt, Ed 259
Levitt, Ed 220
Levitt, Edgar, Mrs.259
Levitt, Leo212
Levitt, Ruth143
Levitt, Ruth135
Lewis, ?141
Lichtenstein, M., Mrs.280
Lichtenstein, M., Mrs.261
Lichtenstein, M., Rabbi169
Lichtenstein, M., Rabbi152
Lichtenstein, M., Rabbi14
Lichtenstein, Michael, Rabbi179
Lichtenstein, Michael, Rabbi136
Lichtenstein, Michael, Rabbi135
Lichtenstein, Rabbi28
Lieberman, Dorothy151
Lippmann, J.D.296
Loewenstein, Hubertus, Prince222
Loftus, Raymond219
Louis, Elmer242
Louis, Elmer, Mr. and Mrs.233
Lowenthal, Barbara Ruth161
Lowenthal, Dorothy  181
Lowenthal, Dorothy Jane235
Lowenthal, Dorothy Jane224
Lowenthal, Harry 271
Lowenthal, Harry 255
Lurie, Horace L., Mrs.289
Lustig, Bernard 287
Lustig, Bernard 244
Lustig, Bernard 224
Lustig, Bernard 218
Lustig, Bernard, Mr. and Mrs.176
Lustig, Bernard, Mr. and Mrs.239
Lustig, Bernard, Mr. and Mrs.221
Mahan, Gus F.286
Mahler, Suzanne213
Mahon, Jo Ann270
Mann, Evelyn164
Marenberg, Maurice244
Marenberg, Maurice J.  243
Marenberg, Maurice J.  218
Marks, Dinny1front cover
Marks, Emil 254
Marks, Emil 220
Marks, Evan136
Marks, Leo, Mrs.136
Marks, Robert, Mrs.217
Markstein, Bernard M., Mrs.267
Marlowe, Thomas J., Mr. and Mrs.242
Mathews, Irving153
Mathews, Roselyn 116
Mathews, Roselyn 277
Mathews, Roselyn 269
Mathews, Roselyn 265
Mathews, Roselyn 27
Mathews, Roslyn153
Matson, Carlton K., Mrs.239
Matthews, Sam, Mr. and Mrs.256
May, Marvin255
Maza, Sam, Mrs.148
McCarthy, Frank158
Meisel, SamNew Officers of Bnai Brith174
Meisel, Sam251
Meissner, CoachScott basketball team130
Metcalfe, Warren, Pfc.294
Metzger, Marian250
Metzger, Richard250
Metzger, Sigfried, Mr. and Mrs.250
Meyer, Henry J., Jr., Mrs.213
Meyers, Morris J.169
Meyers, Mrs.27
Michael, Louis16
Michael, Louis 255
Michael, Louis 253
Michael, Louis 251
Michael, Louis 221
Michael, Louis 219
Miller, Carl I., Rabbi291
Miller, Dr.266
Miller, Eliott189
Miller, Elliott 228
Miller, Elliott 216
Miller, Elliott 211
Miller, Elliott 210
Miller, Hadley216
Miller, Joseph, Mrs.247
Miller, Lynn Ruth222
Miller, Muriel117
Miller, Muriel 175
Miller, Muriel 254
Miller, Murray1front cover
Miller, Murray  265
Miller, Murray  228
Miller, Murray  216
Miller, Murray  210
Miller, S.D.143
Miller, S.D.226
Miller, S.D.210
Miller, Sam 244
Miller, Samuel D. 256
Miller, Samuel D. 216
Millrood, George141
Mindel, A., Mrs.115
Mindel, A., Mrs.280
Mindel, Abraham, Mrs.119
Mindel, Charlotte116
Mindel, I.J.232
Mindel, Irvin J.285
Mindel, S.S.128
Mindel, Seymour, Mrs.165
Minkow, Elaine274
Moore, Aaron, Mrs.228
Moore, Lulu M., Mrs.140
Moore, Lulu M., Mrs.123
Morgan, David284
Morgan, Gene 168
Morgan, Gene 115
Morgan, Gene 276
Morgan, Gene 240
Morgan, Lisbeth 260
Morgan, Lisbeth 242
Morgan, Matthew, Mrs.16
Morgan, Ruth287
Morrey, ?251
Morris, Le Roy126
Morris, Robert C., Mrs.139
Morris, Robert Carlton, Mrs.182
Morse, John H., Jr., Mrs.185
Morse, Susan185
Morton, ?Scott basketball team130
Moser, Buddy L.126
Moses, Ben 238
Moses, Benjamin 244
Mostov, Ida Beatrice118
Mostov, SydneyTemple Board Members195
Muenzer, ?290
Mulholland, Roscoe142
Murphy, ?Scott basketball team130
Myers, Dorothy Judith285
Naftalin, Davida127
Nathan, Alice181
Nathanson, Alva1front cover
Nathanson, Alvan265
Nathanson, Stanley139
Nathanson, Stanley233
Nathanson, Virginia 266
Nathanson, Virginia 264
Nathanson, Zelma 164
Nathanson, Zelma 143
Nathanson, Zelma L.234
Neill, W.A., Dr.11
Nemeyer, Lucille132
Newman, Morris244
Newmyer, LeRoy253
Newmyer, Leroy F.  283
Newmyer, Leroy F.  218
Newmyer, Leroy F.  24
Newmyer, Leroy F., Mrs.288
Osterman, Billy236
Osterman, Helen216
Osterman, L. N.235
Osterman, Lewis236
Osterman, Lewis N.  262
Osterman, Lewis N.  221
Osterman, Lewis N., Mr. and Mrs.239
Osterman, Lewis N., Mr. and Mrs.221
Osterman, Lewis N., Mrs.178
Osterman, Lewis N., Mrs.165
Osterman, Lewis N., Mrs.222
Osterman, Lewis, Jr.  265
Osterman, Lewis, Jr.  252
Osterman, Lewis, Jr.  236
Osterman, LouTemple Board Members195
Pappajohn, Ethel182
Paris, Byron 1front cover
Paris, Byron 158
Paris, Phil M.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Patterson, Grove, Mr. and Mrs.238
Pearlstein, Joseph120
Peritz, Herbert, Mrs.132
Perkins, Mary T.138
Perlis, Seymour H., Mrs.235
Perlman, Nat155
Pfund, Helen275
Philo, I.E., RabbiNew Officers of Bnai Brith174
Plast, Max, Mrs.268
Ralph, Oscar, Mrs.288
Rand, Robert Ratner, Mrs.288
Rappaport, Dorothy152
Rappaport, Dorothy Natalie22
Ravin, Louis C., Dr.Temple Board Members195
Reichart, Florence engagement announcement180
Reichart, Florence engagement announcements (3)189
Reichart, Florence wedding invitation187
Reichart, Florence 180
Reichart, Sydneyobituary 187
Reichart, Sydneyobituary (4)192
Reichart, Sydney180
Reisman, Edward Emanuel Jr., Mrs.269
Reisman, Edward Jr., Dr.277
Remenyi, Joseph, Prof.120
Rettig, CoachScott basketball team130
Reynolds, Helene147
Reynolds, Joan184
Riess, Dorothy 220
Riess, Dorothy 24
Riess, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.220
Riess, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.24
Ringold, J.H.  123
Ringold, J.H.  115
Ringold, J.H.  211
Ringold, Joe H.  268
Ringold, Joseph244
Ringold, Joseph214
Ringold, Joseph H. 156
Ringold, Joseph H. 285
Ringold, Joseph H. 218
Ringold, Joseph H., Mr. and Mrs.232
Ringold, Joseph, Mrs.115
Ringold, Joseph, Mrs.239
Ringold, Joseph, Mrs.215
Ringold, Mrs.166
Ringold, Selma153
Robins, Victor Irving284
Robinson, M.B., Mrs.128
Rogalsky, Samuel174
Romanoff, Blossom222
Romanoff, J., Mrs.280
Romanoff, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.220
Romanoff, Jacob, Mrs.147
Romanoff, Stanley1front cover
Rosen, Henry144
Rosenberg, JackBrotherhood officers189
Rosenberg, Margaret 167
Rosenberg, Margaret 116
Rosenberg, Margaret Lucille171
Rosengarten, Earl222
Rosengarten, Earl219
Rosengarten, Earl M.  295
Rosengarten, Earl M.  217
Rosengarten, Earl M., Mrs.269
Rosengarten, Earl, Mrs.289
Rosengarten, Nan Sara111
Rosengarten, R.P.129
Rosengarten, R.P.  221
Rosengarten, R.P.  23
Rosengarten, Walter111
Rosengarten, Walter 2102
Rosengarten, Walter 286
Rosengarten, Walter 217
Rosengarten, Walter, Mr. and Mrs.271
Rosenthal, E.M., Jr., Mrs.233
Rosenthal, Edward Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs.219
Rosenthal, Edwin Jr.23
Rosenthal, Edwin M. Jr., Mrs.169
Rosenthal, Edwin M. Jr., Mrs.243
Rosenthal, Miriam  engagement announcement278
Roskin, Jules Jay, Mrs.183
Roskin, Jules Jay, Mrs.29
Roskin, Jules, Mrs.296
Roskin, Phyllis Kasle, Mrs.259
Roskin, Phyllis Kasle, Mrs.223
Roth, Miriam165
Rothman, Harold271
Rubenstein, H., Rabbi179
Rudolph, Barbara 276
Rudolph, Barbara 270
Rudolph, Betty123
Rudolph, Samuel, Mrs.145
Rusgo, Abe236
Ruvinsky, Abram120
Sachar, A.L., Dr.29
Sack, ?130
Saks, Lewis276
Sallume, Najib N., Dr.157
Salzman, Florence MarionSalzman – Thal engagement announcement186
Salzman, Margaret258
Salzman, S.R., Dr.248
Samuels, Harold, Mrs.168
Samuels, Harold, Mrs.253
Sanders, Mary Louise169
Sanger, Josephine138
Sanger, Josephine289
Sanger, Margaret H.17
Sanger, Mary Ruth264
Sanger, Ruth134
Sanger, Ruth233
Sanger, Sigmond232
Sanger, Sigmond 293
Sanger, Sigmond 280
Sanger, Sigmond (2)256
Sanger, Sigmund243
Saperston, Howard T., Mrs.231
Satler, Alex Marvin, Mrs.295
Save, Anita Irma222
Sawyer, Charles L.252
Schackne, J.R.111
Schackne, Phyllis164
Schackne, Phyllis235
Schackne, Phyllis Lorraine 284
Schilling, Katherine256
Schrag, E.117
Schragenheim, Robert1front cover
Schragenheim, Sigmund119
Schwartz, Evelyn engagement announcement (2)191
Schwartz, Sanford Richman158
Segal, Louis Frances283
Segal, Louis Frances278
Seps, Bertha221
Shanabarger, Charles M., Mrs.221
Shapiro, Harold P., Dr.234
Shapiro, Harold, Mrs.241
Shapiro, M.W., Dr.26
Shapiro, Meyer293
Shaw, Eva262
Shaw, Eva Epstein119
Shaw, Eva Epstein 256
Shaw, Eva Epstein 252
Shecter, Harryprospecting for gold2back cover
Shields, Jacob L.178
Shinbach, Jerome, Mrs.151
Shinbach, Roxine27
Shinbach, Roxine23
Shugarman, A., Mrs.228
Shugarman, Joseph265
Shulman, ?Prior126
Shulman, ?126
Siegman, Maxine287
Silver, Abba Hillel, Rabbi (2)232
Silverblatt, B., Mrs.280
Silverblatt, Ben169
Silverblatt, Ben253
Silverblatt, Ben, Mrs.238
Silverblatt, Dan220
Silverblatt, Nancy222
Silverman, Burton275
Silverman, Harry275
Silverman, I.15
Silverman, Isaac Moses156
Silverman, Isaac, Rabbi152
Silverman, Isadore 271
Silverman, Isadore 244
Silverman, Isadore 218
Silverman, M.M.237
Silverman, Miles 292
Silverman, Miles 279
Silverman, Milton275
Silverman, Robert 170
Silverman, Robert, Mrs.159
Silverman, Rosalind172
Silverman, Sol, Mrs.268
Silverstein, Min262
Simon, Max M.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Singer, Melvin1front cover
Skutch, William1front cover
Skutch, William265
Skutch, William, Mrs.297
Skutch, William, Mrs.295
Smith, Betty Irene288
Smith, Charles255
Smith, Charles S., Mrs.158
Smith, Charles, Mrs.115
Smith, Gertrude M.148
Smith, Gertrude M.141
Smith, Irene Betty169
Smith, Irene Betty 256
Smith, Irene Betty 217
Smith, Joseph B.146
Smith, Joseph B.  293
Smith, Joseph B.  287
Smith, Joseph B.  283
Smith, Joseph B., Mrs.26
Smith, Oscar116
Snow, Mrs. Sue257
Snow, Sue Dean121
Snow, William D.158
Solomon, Agatha 246
Solomon, Agatha F.256
Sonneborn, Charles, III180
Sparks, Muriel298
Spieker, A. G., Mrs.249
Spieker, A. Gideon, Mrs.263
St. John, Bernard279
Staadecker, Fredericka, Mrs.147
Staadecker, Henrietta145
Stein, Ezra  186
Stein, Ezra, Mrs.290
Stein, J.B.220
Stein, Joe146
Stein, S.B.157
Stein, S.B.220
Steinberg, ?Scott basketball team130
Steinberg, A.M.169
Steinfeld, A.L., Dr.  260
Steinfeld, A.L., Dr. and Mrs.19
Steinfeld, A.L., Dr. and Mrs.15
Stern, Adolph268
Stern, Helen E.212
Stockdale, Rev.145
Stollman, I., Rabbi179
Stone, Archie210
Stone, Martin210
Stone, Sam, Mrs.178
Strasburger, Caroline213
Strasburger, Carolyn153
Strasburger, Carolyn 241
Strasburger, Carolyn 235
Stuttz, Clara, Mrs.Angels of Mercy’, 93 and 21298
Stuttz, Clara, Mrs.277
Stuttz, Clara, Mrs.269
Sugarman, Joseph252
Tarloff, Sarah 22
Tarloff, Sarah Alice 223
Tarloff, Sarah Alice, Mrs.146
Thal, ?manager of Scott basketball team130
Thal, Bernhardt 6506 Greenview268
Thal, Bernhardt 153
Thal, Bernhardt 12
Thal, Bernhardt N., Capt.Awarded Air Medal2100
Thal, Bernhardt N., Capt.291
Thal, Bette253
Thal, Bette JaneReturns from Trip286
Thal, Billypoem in “The Lincoln Leader”194
Thal, Billy191
Thal, Ed, Mrs.Sewing Club149
Thal, Eddie 247
Thal, Eddie 25
Thal, Edward2101
Thal, Edward obituary191
Thal, Edward, Mrs.2101
Thal, Edward, Mrs.211
Thal, Ellis M.12
Thal, Ellis M.2101
Thal, Florence2101
Thal, Florence Reichart (?)21
Thal, Hoddie 247
Thal, Hoddie 25
Thal, Irwin engagement announcement180
Thal, Irwin engagement announcements (3)189
Thal, Irwin hospitalization notice191
Thal, Irwin student manager2101
Thal, Irwin wedding invitation187
Thal, Irwin Wheeling’s Newest Furniture Store227
Thal, Les152
Thal, Leslie 2101
Thal, Leslie 240
Thal, Leslie E.249
Thal, Lois birth announcement191
Thal, Lois Ellen  birth announcement24
Thal, Margie Ellenconsecration announcement2back cover
Thal, Martin12
Thal, Martin, Sergeant299
Thal, Nelson157
Thal, Nelson126
Thal, Nelson2101
Thal, Nelson E.  Paint Needed278
Thal, Nelson E.  Partnership Formed by Architects Here211
Thal, Nelson E.  237
Thal, Nelson Edward  engagement announcement278
Thal, Nelson Edward, Mrs.282
Thal, Nelson, Mrs.297
Thal, Norman“Secretary-Treasurer”186
Thal, Norman“Thals Leave for Toledo”186
Thal, Normanengagement announcement (2)191
Thal, NormanMichigan Daily article, “To Northwestern”190
Thal, NormanMichigan Daily editor announcements (3)190
Thal, Normanrobbery announcement194
Thal, NormanTelegram to parents, named Michigan Daily editor190
Thal, NormanTemple Board member195
Thal, Norman1back cover
Thal, Norman2101
Thal, Norman, Mr. and Mrs.191
Thal, Phil “Toledo handy man”130
Thal, Philprospecting for gold2back cover
Thal, Phil21
Thal, Philip poem in “The Lincoln Leader”194
Thal, Philip A., Mrs.21
Thal, Phillip Alvinwedding invitation196
Thal, Pierson 6506 Greenview268
Thal, Pierson He has a Way with a Piano2back cover
Thal, Pierson 271
Thal, Pierson (2)12
Thal, Preston 237
Thal, Preston 24
Thal, Preston  twin boys birth announcement194
Thal, Preston  wedding announcement191
Thal, Preston A.engagement announcement191
Thal, Preston, Mr. and Mrs.272
Thal, Preston, Mrs.2101
Thal, Preston, Mrs.263
Thal, Preston, Mrs.245
Thal, RoySaturday Evening Post, “Cuts Fuel Bill 2/3”21
Thal, Roy, Mr. and Mrs.25th wedding anniversary191
Thal, Roy, Mr. and Mrs.engagement announcement188
Thal, Roy, Mr. and announcement193
Thal, Roy, Mr. and Mrs.194
Thal, Roy, Mr. and Mrs.191
Thal, Roy, Mrs.288
Thal, StanBrotherhood officers189
Thal, Stanprospecting for gold2back cover
Thal, Stan2101
Thal, Stanford E.Qualifies for Honorary Group132
Thal, Susan birth announcement191
Thal, Susan Jane birth announcement24
Thal, Ted158
Thal, Ted  (?)2101
Thal, Ted E., Mrs.271
Thal, Ted Jr.birth announcement191
Thal, Theresa194
Thal, Theresa272
Thal, Theresa Helen Bride of Ezra Stein186
Thal, Theresa Helen Ezra Stein to Wed186
Thal, Theresa Helen 290
Thal, Thomas birth announcement2back cover
Thal, Thomas David Young Thal Boy Dies in Residence189
Thal, William marriage license announcement186
Thal, William Salzman – Thal engagement announcement186
Thal, William S.  (3)Scott Graduation2101
Thomas, Nettie Bell219
Thornton, Lorain255
Tiedtke, Charles (Deceased in 1929)137
Tiedtke, Ernest137
Tobias, Morris14
Toffler, Helen, Mrs.119
Topaz, Oscar153
Topper, Dave290
Topper, Isadore141
Topper, Isadore220
Topper, M.R., Mrs.136
Topper, M.R., Mrs.268
Topper, Rebecca, Mrs.284
Treuhaft, Bernard123
Treuhaft, Bernard276
Treuhaft, Emmanuel150
Treuhaft, J., Mr. and Mrs.27
Treuhaft, Jack, Mrs.149
Treuhaft, Junior221
Treuhaft, Manuel  244
Treuhaft, Manuel E.  221
Treuhaft, Ralph217
Treuhaft, Roy139
Treuhaft, Roy Brotherhood officers189
Treuhaft, Roy 153
Treuhaft, Roy 232
Treuhaft, Sam, Mrs.238
Treuhaft, Samuel164
Treuhaft, Sol152
Treuhaft, Sol 225
Treuhaft, Sol, Mr. and Mrs.238
Treuhaft, Sol, Mr. and Mrs.232
Treuhaft, Stanford L., Mrs.221
Treuhaft, Walter S.212
Trost, Philip S.167
Trost, Philip S.111
Trost, Philip, Mrs.161
Trost, Philip, Mrs.157
Trost, Philip, Mrs.111
Trost, Philip, Mrs.288
Trost, Philip, Mrs.252
Tucker, ?126
Tuschman, Helen172
Tuschman, Joan246
Tuschman, John246
Tuschman, SidneyNew Officers of Bnai Brith174
Tuschman, Sidney, Mr. and Mrs.173
Tuschman, Sidney, Mr. and Mrs.246
Tuschman, Sidney, Mrs.175
Tuschman, Sidney, Mrs.166
Tushman, Sydney244
Ulman, Julius, Cantor179
Ulman, Julius, Cantor225
Untermeyer, Esther Antin160
Untermeyer, Louis160
Vail, W. L. 167
Vail, William L.  134
Vail, William L., Mrs.120
Van Landingham, ?Scott basketball team130
Vehon, Harvey123
Venig, Charlotte179
Wall, Bessie, Mrs.127
Wasserstrom, Louis, Mrs.290
Wasserstrom, Louis, Mrs.259
Webb, Ralph, Mrs.163
Webb, Ralph, Mrs.151
Weill, Alvin Eugene16
Weinman, Ruth Louise266
Weinstock, Harold13
Weinstock, Pauline13
Weintraub, Hermine265
Weisman, ?126
Weisman, Norman L.151
Welever, ?Scott basketball team130
Welt, David, Mr. and Mrs.144
Welt, David, Mr. and Mrs.281
Werum, Bessie16
Wiener, Ruth265
Williams, Percy B., Mrs.121
Willis, Lynn Buddy210
Willis, M.C.210
Winfough, Ernest H., Dr.129
Winkler, Janet277
Winter, Hannah R.141
Winter, Harry118
Winters, Archie C., Dr.New Officers of Bnai Brith174
Wolf, ?Recorder126
Wolson, Miriam276
Woodruff, ?130
Woodruff, Harold280
Woolf, Augusta G., Mrs.286
Woolf, Joseph A.111
Woolf, Joseph, Mrs.160
Woolf, Joseph, Mrs.119
Woolf, Ruthmary262
Woolner, Charles K.  148
Woolner, Charles K.  129
Yaeck, William, Mrs.218
York, Myrtle162
Young, Maury215
Youngheart, Sam, Mr. and Mrs.273
Youngheart, Samuel256
Zaller, Kathleen 290
Zaller, Kathleen 265
Zanville, Ethel27
Zanville, Robert143
Zeckhauser, J.N.  166
Zeckhauser, J.N.  15
Zeckhauser, Julius 181
Zeckhauser, Julius 159
Zeckhauser, Julius N., Mr. and Mrs.215
Ziegler, Herbert126
Ziegler, Hortenseengagement announcement191
Ziegler, Joe157
Ziegler, Leland128
Ziegler, Leland 157
Ziegler, Leland 234
Zimmerman, Adair222
Zimmerman, Al193
Zimmerman, Clara144
Zimmerman, M.H., Mrs.228
Zimmerman, Morris243
Zimmerman, Morris, Mr. and Mrs.163
Zimmerman, Mrs.247
Zimmerman, Robert257
Zimmerman, Robert, Dr.Temple Board member195
Zimmerman, Robert, Dr.275
Zuker, Bertha124
Zuker, Sam129
Zuker, Sam, Dr.248
Zuker, Samuel D., Dr.281
Zukor, Bertha23
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