School Christmas Play, 1914

I was looking for a holiday story to share, and thought I’d share one from my grandfather’s childhood at Jewell Hill School, outside of Quinter, Kansas. Ten years ago, I was working on a “fictionalized” biography of my grandfather, Chester Long, for my eldest child’s birthday,. I tried to find as many details as possibleContinue reading “School Christmas Play, 1914”

Traffic in Los Angeles, 1926

I have two teenagers – one with a brand-new driver’s license and one just about to get a learner’s permit, so I’ve been thinking quite a bit about driving lately. I recently remembered my grandfather’s account of his trip to California in 1926 in his old Hudson car. Chester Long spent about six weeks inContinue reading “Traffic in Los Angeles, 1926”

Finding Revolutionary Ancestors

It being Fourth of July weekend, thoughts naturally turn to 1776 and the Revolutionary War. What were our North American ancestors doing at that time? How many were directly involved? Even if proving descent from a Revolutionary War ancestor is not your goal, it is still fascinating to try to discover more about what theseContinue reading “Finding Revolutionary Ancestors”