Descendants of Behr and Beile Blumberg

Behr (Berle) Blumberg was born ca. 1827 in Sassmacken, Courland (now Valdemarpils, Latvia) to Jankel and Elka Blumberg, and died ca. 1917. He was a salesman and Talmudist. Beile, daughter of Itzig and Sara, possibly Ockter or Eliason, was born ca. 1827 and died in 1920. According to her granddaughter, she managed the family bakery. In 1897, Behr and Beile lived in Talsen, now Talsi, Latvia.


Blumberg Posts

  • Remembering the Holocaust
    The photo above is Shlomo Thal, born in 1904 in Valdemarpils, Latvia. This photo is particularly powerful for me as it looks so much like my own grandfather, born the same year. Shlomo and my grandfather were second cousins. Shlomo was killed in Riga, Latvia, in 1941. He was 37. On this Yom HaShoah, I’dContinue reading “Remembering the Holocaust”
  • Leaving Courland
    Among my collection of interviews is this story, told by Paula Thal Aminoff in 1974, of her brother Jacob and his efforts to leave Courland (now Latvia) before being drafted into the Russian Army. Ted: You know about Abraham Blumberg.. well, I’ll tell you. His father, Abraham’s father [Jacob Blumberg] was fairly well‑to‑do, he wasContinue reading “Leaving Courland”
  • Who Was Ivan Teryokin?
    The Mysterious Story of the Russian General I’m fortunate to have in my archives recordings of multiple interviews with my great-grandfather’s sister, Paula Thal Aminoff. In a few of them, she recalls the story of Ivan Teryokin, which was evidently a story frequently told and asked about. But both his relationship and his actual militaryContinue reading “Who Was Ivan Teryokin?”





I can’t possibly share all of my family photographs here. Instead, I’ve chosen a select few favorites, mainly group photos. More pictures, particularly of individuals, can be found through my Thal-Gephart Family Tree accessible through my Ancestry profile. I am always looking for more pictures. If you have any to share, please contact me.

The photo above was taken in 1927, for Lena Blumberg Thal’s 80th Birthday, in the park near Birckhead Place in Toledo, Ohio. Identifications were made by Norman and Nelson Thal and Bette Thal Greenberg, from left to right.

  1. James Thal
  2. Stanford Thal
  3. Chester King
  4. Lillian Thal King
  5. Jerome Kanter
  6. Marge Kanter (child)
  7. Rena Kanter
  8. William Thal
  9. Ted Thal
  10. Miriam Kotosky Thal
  11. Leslie Thal
  12. Sarah Thal Lowenson
  13. Irv Thal
  14. Nelson Thal
  15. Stuart Hirshberg
  16. Leah Hirshberg
  17. Joseph Hirshberg
  18. Millie Hirshberg
  19. Thalia Hirshberg
  20. Norman Thal
  21. Philip Thal
  22. Anna Gettleson
  23. Jack Gettleson
  24. Dorothy Thal
  25. Ellis Thal
  26. Sam Gettleson
  27. Grace Gettleson
  28. Preston Thal
  29. Sam Aminoff
  30. Paula Thal Aminoff
  31. Stella Thal
  32. Theresa Thal
  33. Ben Lowenson
  34. Helen Lowenson
  35. Esther Thal
  36. Richard Thal (child)
  37. Lena Blumberg Thal
  38. Jacob Thal
  39. Milly Thal
  40. Donald Thal (child)
  41. Eleanor Lowenson
  42. Henrietta Thal
  43. Edward Thal
  44. Clara Thal
  45. Roy Thal
  46. Julia Cohen Thal
  47. Adolph Hellman
  48. Marion Hellman
  49. Pierson Thal
  50. Gussie Thal
  51. Fred Thal
  52. John Thal
  53. S. Ruth Thal Blumrosen
  54. Joe Blumrosen
  55. Janet Thal
  56. Loretta Thal
  57. Louis Thal
  58. Ida Thal Edelstein
  59. James Edelstein
  60. Martin Thal
  61. James Thal
  62. Stan Thal
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