BTGenealogy holds my collection of family trees, documents, and photos, as well as a material from a few towns I have focused on. Check back for the occasional blog entry about my family history thoughts and research, and additional resources.

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  • Remembering the Holocaust
    The photo above is Shlomo Thal, born in 1904 in Valdemarpils, Latvia. This photo is particularly powerful for me as it looks so much like my own grandfather, born the same year. Shlomo and my grandfather were second cousins. Shlomo was killed in Riga, Latvia, in 1941. He was 37. On this Yom HaShoah, I’dContinue reading “Remembering the Holocaust”
  • Linking Up the Blumenthals
    Thirty-six years ago, in the winter of 1986, I took my very first genealogy “field trip.” I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, and I found a wintry day to drive an hour-and-a-half or so north to Bay City. My destination was the Bay City Jewish Cemetery, to find the headstone ofContinue reading “Linking Up the Blumenthals”
  • The Blizzards of 1912
    We’re digging out from a heavy snowstorm in Indiana this week, and I’m so thankful that I can enjoy the comforts of home and enjoy the beauty of the snow outside. But I’m reminded of a letter in my collection from my great-grandfather, Jacob H. Long, to his brother, Sam Long. Written in March ofContinue reading “The Blizzards of 1912”


Below is a list of the families I’m researching, with my families on the left and my husband’s on the right. An alphabetical list of major surnames is available here. As with all genealogical research, information here is a “work in progress,” and should be checked against additional sources before being considered definitive. For the most up-to-date and complete information, the “Thal-Gephart Family” tree can be accessed through my profile on Ancestry.com.

  • Thal – Moshe and Sarah Thal, Valdemarpils, Latvia
  • Blumberg – Berle and Bayla Blumberg, Valdemarpils, Latvia
  • Gettleson – Nehemiah Gettleson and Hanna Rubinstein, Jelgava, Latvia
  • Hosiasson – Samuel and Jette Hosiasson, Sabile, Latvia
  • Schwartz – Simon Schwartz and Hannah Newman, Trencin, Slovakia
  • Reichman – Samuel Reichman and Hani Atlasz, Bardejov, Slovakia
  • Zobel – Samuel Zobel and Laja Safran, Slovakia
  • Long – Jacob Long and Catherine Friedly, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois
  • Stover – John Stover and Mollie Dierdorff, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois
  • Miller – Peter Miller and Margaret Cameron, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Megaw – Samuel Megaw and Nancy Millar, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Zollinger – Phillip Jacob Zollinger and Katharina Schmidt, Böbingen, Germany
  • Herburger – Johannes Heerburger and Juliana Schlegel, Isny im Allgäu, Germany
  • Wiseman – George Wiseman and Mary George, Pennsylvania and Ohio
  • Pinney – Abraham Pinney and Sarah Marie Griffiths, Connecticut and Ohio
  • Gephart – Samuel Leonard Gephart and Sarah Leffler, Ohio and Indiana
  • Slifer – George Slifer and Susan Strunk, Alsace and Indiana
  • Ballard – Jesse Ballard and Mary Cooper, North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana
  • Main – Christopher Main, Jr. and Mahala Johnston, New York, Ohio and Indiana
  • Jones – Jacob Jones and Matilda Chappell, North Carolina and Indiana
  • Garrigus – Timothy L. Garrigus and Elizabeth A. Ferree
  • Hughes – Harrison Hughes and Mary Ann Prather, Kentucky and Indiana
  • Martin – Owens Harrison Martin and Margaret Jane Ross, Kentucky and Indiana
  • Thomas – Timothy Thomas and Mary Ellen Davis, Ohio and Indiana
  • Davis – Jared Davis and Eliza Jaquish, Pennsylvania and Indiana
  • Wilson – Charles H. Wilson and Julia Ann Austin, Pennsylvania and Indiana
  • McCormick – William Henry Harrison McCormick and Katherine Anne Drennen, Indiana
  • Richartz – Johann Richartz and Maria Catharina Stock, Germany

Alphabetical List of Surnames

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